Welcome to CSA Campaign

We are a platform for creating awareness on matters relating to Climate and Sustainability (CSA). 

Our vision is a global movement where individuals, communities, and societies come together in their understanding, action, and commitment to combat climate change, persuade for sustainability, and preserve the planet for future generations.


We are spreading the message on the harmful effects of fossil fuel and intensive farming emission on greenhouse gases. This is resulting in increasing temperatures worldwide. Increasing temperatures and resulting pollution further complicates the situation into various environmental degradation like extinction of species, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, increase in forest fires, flooding, and other increases in natural disasters. 

Use by humans of fossil fuel as energy has to be replaced by renewables. 


On the other hand, development of human society, advancements in technology, comfortable living, faster communications and automations have resulted in unnecessary high consumptions of natural resources, inefficiencies and substantial wastages of natural resources and agricultural proceeds. 

Human beings are consuming more resources than mother earth can reproduce. We must foster sustainable practices to fulfill our needs without compromising the needs of the future generations.

Q.J. Services:

Q.J. Services (Quality Junction of Services) is a platform where we gather volunteers from around the world with a shared set of values, to collaborate in a respectful manner. As we like to say:

Come to create awareness and stay with the community.

Get Started:

There are a few ways for you to get started with Us:

Chat Groups: Become a volunteer and start chat groups in your region either on WhatsApp or other platforms. We will assist you all the way through with messages, posts, knowledge base and videos. The objective is to bring maximum people to understand the unfolding climate crises and act at their individual level to prevent or reduce it. 

User Guide: Assist us in installing, administering, site building, and maintaining the content of this CSA website.

Create Content: Want to get right to work? Start adding content, blogs, articles, messages, and all other forms of knowledge base for volunteers to read and share in their WhatsApp groups.

Your First Step:

If you have even a speck of concern for Climate changes and for promoting Sustainable living, you should

  • Register with us. 

  • Bookmark this link of our active CSA community group and support with resources.

  • Start a WhatsApp Group in collaboration with us and help us spread the messages worldwide.