Climate Crisis - What You don't know but what You must know


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"Climate Crisis"

What You don't know but what You must know

Carbon emission is causing global warming and severe fluctuations in the weather patterns around the world.  

Global warming can only be handled with global awareness about greenhouse gases. Awareness can be created when the technology and science-based facts are placed before the masses in the simple language that they understand.  

This is what I have done in my upcoming book "Carbon Manager - Leading to Net Zero Carbon System". explaining why it is so important to reach this milestone by 2050. The book will be available free to you. Further, I shall assign a unique number to you.  

We will share revenue from the book when anyone buys with your reference, in case you wish to create awareness by inviting your contacts and to help contain temperature rise to within 1.5oC.  

On launch you will be able to avail the book free on Kindle. I shall send you a signed copy once a print addition is released.

Quaid Joher Surti (B.E., MBA)  
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Climate Crisis

This book is in simple English and all facts are mentioned in a way for a common reader to understand even the most complex situation easily. The purpose is to create ..

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